Playroom Organization: How to Keep your Kid’s Playroom Looking Neat

Playroom Organization: How to Keep your Kid’s Playroom Looking Neat

Make the most of your kid’s playroom by removing the clutter and creating more floor space for play.

Many playrooms look like a whirling dervish of children breezed through the room, tossing toys everything and then leaving this mess in its wake. It is a playroom and should be played in, but it doesn’t have to look like a disaster, in fact by creating a more organized playroom you can actually give your children more space in which to play.

The following tips will help you create some playroom organization that will make everyone happy.

Give to Charity

By removing toys that your children have either grown out of or don’t play with any more you will immediately open up more space in the playroom. Have your children help you determine which toys really matter to them and which ones don’t. Give the unwanted toys a new home with children that aren’t as fortunate as yours. Charity is one of the greatest lessons you can teach your children.

Multi-Purpose Furniture

Almost every piece of furniture in the room should have multiple purposes. Look for storage that doubles as seating, art tables that are also chalkboards or apply chalkboard or magnetic paint to the walls. Get the most out of the furniture you choose.

Make Organization a Priority

Create an organizational system that is easy and convenient for your children to use and to stick to. Rather than having crayons tucked so tightly into crayon boxes that little fingers can’t move them, use a big Tupperware box that crayons can be quickly picked out and then dumped back in. Use lots of drawers and cubbies that each have a purpose. It’s easier to have a separate space for each item than to have one large space that needs constant cleaning and arranging.

Keep Cleaning Supplies Handy

Let little ones clean up after themselves with sanitary wipes at hand and paper towels to quickly wipe up little messes. One little pot of spilled paint is easily wiped up when paper towels are nearby but if it’s ignored it can get on clothes, on feet, on the carpet, on drapes, on walls et cetera.

Make sure to include your child as you organize your playroom, you can teach them several lessons and instill in them a sense of ownership and pride in their toys which can carry over into other areas of their lives and their future possessions. Let them know that it’s their room to use as they want but you expect them to treat it and their toys with respect.