How to Decorate Your Teens Bedroom: Teen Bedroom Ideas

How to Decorate Your Teens Bedroom: Teen Bedroom Ideas

Updating the look of a teen or tween’s bedroom with the help of their ideas can help create a bedroom they are proud of.

Overnight your tween or teen’s tastes may have shifted. The colors they are drawn to and the toys they once played with are now being replaced. Their rooms may be one of the last things to become updated. Updating a room for your tween will require you to throw out many your old ideas about what they love.


What color pallet is your child’s room currently? This color may not have been updated since they were in elementary school. The new look for the room needs to reflect what your tween is experiencing now. If your daughter’s favorite color is pink, move out of the shades of pink that Barbie would wear. For example, using pink as an accent color with chocolate brown is age appropriate. Your tween boy may love blue, use orange to accent his blue themed room. Grey can be accented with tones of blue. Choose rich colors that can accent brighter colors that your tween is drawn to. Choose colors that they like. Ask them for their top 3 color choices.

Wall Color

You can find a shade that warms up the room using your tween’s selected color pallet. There are light versions of all wall colors. Painting a room navy blue may be a bit harsh. However a great grey-blue or green in a light tone may contrast with the navy accents in the bedroom.


Solid colored bedding can be found at every price point. Avoid busy prints and floral patterns. Solid colored comforter sets can be given a new feel by changing the pillows or bed skirt. Floral and geometric shaped comforters cannot be updated as easily. Your tween may bore of the pattern. Duvet covers can be an inexpensive option to purchasing a completely new set of bedding.


If your tween’s furniture is all white or made of metal painted in a primary color, this is a good time to update the furniture. You can purchase new furniture or update the furniture that you have by refinishing the surface. Choose to refinish the furniture in a deep rich wooden tone or any wood finish that your tween likes. You may have several pieces that you can visually blend together by painting them with the same stain or paint.

Choose darker colors or colors that do not look juvenile. For example stick with colors found in nature or black, avoid bright primary colors. Update metal furniture with spray paint in a modern color. Select paints specially formulated for metal that do not require sanding. Read the label to see if a primer is needed. Choose colors that would mimic the look of chrome, silver, or black. If the paint dries flat use a clear coat for added shine and protection.

Including your tween or teen in the decorating process is a great way to learn more in depth about them. Ask them every season about what they would like to change about their bedroom. Creating a space they feel proud can help them to become more creative in their design choices. Perhaps they will be more eager to paint a themed portrait to go with their new bedroom. Or finish an original metal sculpture in shop class to proudly display in their bedroom. A room your teen your feels proud of they will want to keep in company ready condition.