Decorating Solutions For Kids: Bring Style into Your Home Along with the Children

Decorating Solutions For Kids: Bring Style into Your Home Along with the Children

Having children around can be great, but chaotic. Using these decorating and organizational strategies can help.

Whether a home is small or large, finding room for children in it can be challenging. They should have space of their own, but also need organization and room to play and live, both separate and together with mom and dad. With these decorating and organization tips, they’ll be happy and you will be too.

Which Rooms For Kids?

It’s a pretty easy question to answer when there’s only one child in the house, but add a couple more and you’re suddenly dealing with a crowd control situation. While most parents opt for giving each child their own room (if that’s a possibility), consider the options before going ahead with that plan. Sharing a room can be a healthy thing for siblings, and a way for them to bond with each other. It’s also a great way to combine sleeping spaces and playing spaces to give kids more room to enjoy within the house. Try using one bedroom as a bedroom, and another as a playroom and let kids share the spaces.

When this isn’t an option, consider options like bunk beds so that kids have more room for toys and games in their rooms.

Keep Things Straight

One issue with multiple kids in the house is keeping their things straight while simultaneously teaching them to take care of their things and keep them put away. But there’s a solution to this issue that keeps their things straight and keeps your home well-designed and in style.

When deciding what kind of bedding and towels to get for the kids, try a coordinating bedding and towel set for each. That way, when one child leaves a towel on the floor, it’ll be easy to remember whose it is. You can also use these great contrasting colors to make a design statement. Pairing three colors of bedding in the kids’ room will be a fun and bright touch.

Adopt Fun Patterns

Kids are kids, after all, and decorating their spaces with graphic patterns and fun colors will make those spaces fun for them to sleep, play and spend time. In addition to using bright colors in similar tones, try adopting graphic patterns like polka dots or wide stripes. These add fun to children’s spaces as well as visual interest.

Keep Organization Central

One of the key elements of keeping kids’ spaces clean and tidy is to adopt an organizational system. Use closet space to install shelves, get bins labeled with kids’ names on them and have hooks and bins at kids’ eye level so they can put things away themselves. Try to use the same color schemes throughout the system so that kids have their own space.

Having organized, well-designed kids’ spaces in your home means places for kids to play without always having your house look like a jungle gym.